Highway billboards

How Much Can I Make if I own a Highway Billboards?

This really depends. The key driver of Highway Billboards value is location and traffic. A highway billboards generates more income than a wooden pole billboard in a small town. If your property is in an ideal location, you may even have a bidding war for your location because only one billboard can be built by one company.

In general, expect to receive somewhere between 15-20% of the gross revenue per year. If you’re not sure how much this is, you can call the outdoor advertising sales departments of these companies to see how much they would charge you to advertise in your area.

Highway billboards(Expressway billboard) advertising media is an important part of outdoor advertising media, and now it has become another important media choice for advertisers to explore the markets of various countries. Compared with the fierce competition in the commercial district advertising, the advantage of the highway billboards advertising media is more prominent.

In addition, the full time release, viewing time is long, highway outdoor media and other outdoor media, it is lasting, all-weather release. This makes it easier to spread, and there are fewer visual barriers on both sides of the highway, which means that if there is a traffic jam, the media audience will be in contact with the advertisement for longer.

Advantages of Highway billboards

1. Full time release and long viewing time

Outdoor Highway Billboards Media, like other outdoor media, is a constant, 24/7 release. This feature makes it easier for the audience to see it semi-compulsive.Moreover, there are fewer visual barriers on both sides of the expressway, which can be seen 2 kilometers in front of the advertisement in terms of normal expressway traffic. Expressway often jam the situation, so the highway billboard advertising media in time and distance of addition and subtraction, add quantity, value, have difficult to estimate the effect, because of this, many brands of automobile manufacturers have increased the strength of advertising in the high-speed.

2. Manage your time well

The trend toward social activity also favors outdoor highway billboards advertising, with consumers staying less at home than ever before, and it is clear that indoor media is less effective than ever before.

3. High contact rate and accurate arrival rate

The highway has a broad vision, but the scene is monotonous, so the large tall columns on both sides of the advertising area is large, the visual distance is far, the design is beautiful, the picture is bright, unique in the monotonous pavement landscape, it is easy to become the focus of vision.

4. High attitude and high image

Highway billboards advertising in the overall effect are in the commanding heights of the visual environment, with magnificent momentum of the image space.

5. Stability of carrier setting

The expressway adopts closed management, which can generally maintain the stability of the carrier setting compared with the urban area.

6. Cost advantage

Compared with other media, it is irresistible and attractive. The average cost is equivalent to 1/10-1/30 of other media such as TV and newspaper, and the cost advantage is obvious.


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