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Today, more than ever, size matters. Building wraps are the biggest and most impressive print format we currently produce. As the name suggests, we can wrap an entire building and hijack the urban landscape with dramatic advertising images. Building wraps provide a medium that is unmissable, making this type of outdoor advertising very powerful in terms of promoting brand awareness and effectively conveying your brand message. Billboards Africa’s large format printing uses high-quality imaging and stunning designs to successfully create a building wrap that cuts through a highly cluttered advertising landscape. We can create, build, image and install everything from one-off bespoke projects, through to national campaign rollouts. Your brand can effectively appeal to customers on a national scale with Billboards Africa’s building wraps.


The durable print will stand the test of time, the quality of the graphic will not fade quickly and can be used as a long term advertising solution. Your logo will dominate the skyline, making your brand and your brand message impossible to ignore. The reach of this form of advertising is unpredictable, but you can rest assured knowing that a wrap such of this is hard to ignore and better yet, hard to forget. Billboards Africa will work with you from concept to design to installation, creating a product that fits your brand’s message and successfully appeals directly to new and repeat customers. Speak to a member of our team today on 0161 488 3300 or by emailing, where our experts will be able to create the right product for your brand. Alternatively, our team can help you create a product that suits your advertising campaign, whether this be the large scale building wraps or a smaller point of a sale display campaign.


  • We say yes. Four-letter words like can’t and won’t aren’t in our vernacular.
  • We keep promises, no matter what.
  • We sincerely care about our customers & each other.
  • We hustle. Life is short, so we move fast.
  • We think bigger. The world is our playground.
  • We raise brands. And people. And families.
  • We’re the real deal. We love what we do.

We create and deliver impactful displays and spaces that connect people with brands. Our partnerships are based on reliability and commitment to service. We bring unrivalled knowledge, experience and innovation to the party.


At Billboards Africa, we pride ourselves on quality, and won’t accept anything less than the best for our clients. We’ve invested heavily in top of the line equipment for our in-house production team to enable them to print a range of large format digital graphics – from poster to billboards, phone box vinyls to PVC banners and everything in between.


When it comes to outdoor advertising, printing high quality graphics is only one small part of the process we provide at Billboards Africa. We’ll be there to help you at every stage of your journey, with our collation, picking and packing team working tirelessly to ensure that every outdoor project we work on is delivered to your location ready for easy and instant installation.


If you want to truly stand out and make sure your brand gets the recognition it deserves, you need to be innovative. At Billboards Africa, we’ve built a reputation for constantly pushing the boundaries in large format printing. We’ve been responsible for some of the industry’s most successful innovations and love taking on new challenges.


Just like no two businesses are exactly the same, no two campaigns are exactly the same either. Different people want different things and at Billboards Africa, we understand this. That’s why we offer a varied service, managing as much or as little of your outdoor campaign as you wish, putting the control firmly in your hands.

Delivering visual brand communications at live events demands expert knowledge and guaranteed capability. Our specialist team work with some of the SA’s favourite venues to add impact and deliver complex projects within challenging briefs. Delivering visual brand communications at live events demands expert knowledge and guaranteed capability. Our specialist team work with some of the SA’s favourite venues to add

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Engaging your target audience in a media-saturated world is a challenge which demands specialist expertise – and that’s why some of the SA’s biggest brands trust Billboards Africa to deliver the impact they need. We bring together creative ideas, innovative techniques and world-class technology to produce industry-leading retail displays, outdoor branding, print management software and lots more. Our premium print products are carefully designed and produced to create an immediate and lasting impression, giving you the best chance of securing a strong return on investment.


Billboards Africa designs and creates outdoor advertising solutions on a range of different and innovative materials, all designed to withstand the toughest conditions and most demanding environments. We’ve got over 20 years of experience in the outdoor advertising market; and the expertise to tailor our services to the maximum benefit of every single client. We’ve even built proprietary print management software to streamline the entire process, including online proofing, approvals and bookings.It’s therefore no surprise that the SA’s largest outdoor advertisers regularly rely on Billboards Africa to deliver high-quality, timely results for all outdoor graphics and poster printing needs.


As well as retail branding, we design, produce and deliver vibrant brand graphics for events and exhibitions, such as banners, pop-up stands and table accessories; office interiors, including eye-catching walls for meeting rooms and reception areas; and community environments such as museums, gyms and more. Customer engagement should always be the primary aim of any display product. At Billboards Africa, this means creating high-quality graphics and making sure they’re installed professionally – and delivered at exactly the right time.We apply robust printing techniques to a variety of materials, matching colours precisely to our clients’ requirements and using environmentally friendly inks. And if you need a bespoke product, we’ll create prototypes in our print hub to make sure they work.



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