Our Technologies

We have been an industry leader providing commercial LED display solutions for various indoor and outdoor LED advertising needs for small to large scale businesses. We have many proprietary technologies and custom designs including but not limited to our state of the art EnviroSlim® technology and cloud based Videostar® software user platform. Everything has been designed and developed with our in house engineering and management staff with thousands of successful installations across Africa and abroad.

LED Billboard Solutions

Billboards Africa Smart Displays billboards have proven to stand out from competitors with a more crisp and vibrant high resolution LED displays for any environment. We have complimented our high quality hardware with our revolutionary cloud based encrypted Videostar® software specially designed for independent and third party advertising. From small to large format custom LED billboards, LED Sign Supply Inc. has the most reliable solution for your business.

Warranty & Service Plans

All of Billboards Africa Smart Displays products offer one of the industry’s best warranty programs including lifetime free technical service and service plans for 100,000hrs. We are proud to have one of the lowest failure rates on the market but we will also continue to provide great customer service and support for any warranty issues that may arise.

Commercial & Retail

With the recent SBA study that LED signage is 900% more attractive than traditional signage and it can increase business sales and brand awareness from 15-150%, there is no question if this technology is right for your business. The question now is “What is a reliable and competitive brand?”. With over 10 years of impeccable product performance and unmatched customer service, Genoptic Smart Displays is the best solution for your business.

Schools & Universities

Billboards Africa Smart Displays is proud to have provide LED solutions to various educational institutions across North America. Our LED message boards have had a great impact to local communities to allow school boards to display various important messages for any event, educational programs, student and teacher awareness, fundraisers and much more. Understanding many institutions have limited budgets, Genoptic Smart Displays is able to provide cost effective solutions and affordable financing options for any school board application.

Municipalities and Government Facilities

Municipalities and other government facilities have dramatic opportunities for onsite public advertising awareness on their buildings, public works yards and roadway infrastructures. Our proprietary software allows graphic content to instantly display many important messages including highway and traffic alerts, amber alerts, public awareness advertisements, community programs, and employment opportunities etc. to one or various locations across the country.

Stadium & Arena

Arena Stadiums and Arena’s have had a ever increasing demand for attracting an audience. LED technology has drastically increased the attraction and advertising exposure of may stadiums across the globe. Billboards Africa  Smart Displays has recently proven to have matched and superseded the technologies of past suppliers while providing much more cost effective customized integrated solutions.

Mobile LED Advertising

There has been an increased demand for portable and mobile outdoor LED advertising. Our Mobile LED trailer technology has been very lucrative to many of our clients and third party advertisers. Custom engineered and designed in house in Calgary, AB we offer a variety of more robust designs for any outdoor weather condition or mobile advertising need.

Our Proprietary Software

After years of extensive software engineering Billboards Africa Smart Displays is proud to introduce our proprietary Videostar® software. We have developed a more versatile user friendly software program for any type of user making it quick and painless to upload eye catching vibrant media content one or multiple networks of LED displays. We have also integrated our InteLED® Reporting Technology which can automatically send scheduling, proof of play, performance and error messages reports to you or your clients.

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Our Quality Standards

Our groundbreaking Signage Quality Standard informs all we create by helping signage professionals and customers understand how to choose the perfect LED displays from us. Billboards Africa Smart Displays is proud to use only the latest in LED technologies to provide our clients with the highest quality components available to the market today. Today’s LED Sign industry has greatly suffered high failure rates from price driven inferior products entering into the market place. These products typically come from unreliable sources and combined with buyers being uneducated on what to look for when purchasing LED displays.

Testing Standards

Billboards Africa Smart Displays demands proper testing practices to ensure the highest quality components and lowest failure rates of our LED screens. We go through a rigorous 100+ point quality control inspections throughout the initial design to finished product which include pretesting for low and high heat dissipation/absorption levels, water pressure and moisture testing, vibration and durability testing, electrical monitoring/metering testing and software diagnostic configuration testing. Lower cost LED brands typically do not offer these testing reports and cannot validate their claims. Genoptic Smart Displays abides by these tests as a standard to verify our product offerings and to meet and exceed expectations.

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